Check out the portfolios created by our Online part-time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!
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Kristy Ackerman
Kristy Ackerman is a Melbourne-based graphic designer. In her former life, she studied visual art and worked in publishing before starting her own leather accessories label and running a successful wholesale and retail business for many years. She enjoys being immersed in creative projects and is always looking for her next challenge. Kristy loves to travel and is happiest with her family and friends in the sunshine.

Project Name: Benucci Pasta Brand Identity and Packaging | | @kristynackerman
Suhail Ahmad
Suhail Ahmad is a San Francisco Bay Area based multidisciplinary design engineer with his foundations rooted in software product design and systems engineering. His design approach places user at the center of everything. He believes in designing brand and product touch points into a simple, coherent and intuitive whole. He is a graduate of MIT Media Lab and has worked at Apple as a human interface designer on iPhone and Mac computers.He considers Steve Jobs and Dieter Rams design principles as his north star. When he’s not designing he is coding iOS apps in Swift UI and hacking new digital product ideas.

Project Name: Pedally Brand Identity and Website |
ShacHar Aylon
Shachar Aylon is the Executive Creative Director at Picsart, a photo and video editing platform and creative community, where he leads a team of designers and creatives shaping Picsart’s brand identity. He’s also a 7-time Cannes Lions award winner and has worked on creative for Lyft, Google and more.

Project Name: Acting Normal Coffee Table Book | | @chuckisinluck
Taylour Cannon
Born and raised in Chicago, Taylour ventured out west in 2018 to chase a seemingly fleeting ability to freely think, create and inspire. The result? Pursuing graphic design and branding full steam ahead in the City of Angels, reigniting his artistic flame and churning out a mountain of original work along the way. Though equipped with an agency background of account and project management, Taylour’s set on chasing that creative high into the always humbling California sunset. After all, starting over with a blank slate, a cold beer and endless possibilities isn't the worst thing in the world. 
Project Name: Half Past Moon Whiskey Brand Identity and Packaging |  | @taylourcannon
Derek Chan
Derek is designer coming out of California focusing around all things rendered, practical and illustrative. When not doodling on a napkin, they enjoy pushing their creativity with projects based on solving obscure challenges and figuring out how to add a chibi to it.

Project Name: Wells Soap, Co. Brand Identity and Packaging | | @dereku_chan
Chris is a career corporate finance guy based in New York City.  Although he initially signed up for Shillington to learn how to make cool birthday party invitations and posters for his 2 year old daughter, he quickly discovered a passion for visual communication, design thinking and process, and an inspired admiration for the design community. He is currently considering a career change and plans to further his design education in the new year with a particular focus on digital design. 

Project Name: Pearl Brand Identity | | @christopherchongdesign
Daniel Chu
Daniel is a creative living in Seattle that loves all things design. Whether he’s designing physical spaces in architecture or visual identities for clients, he loves to see how his work can positively impact the lives that experience it. Daniel first fell in love with the world of graphic design during his studies in architecture. Its applications in both the physical and digital world has reignited his creative pursuits and passions. Whenever Daniel gets the chance to step away from the screen, you’ll find him firing away on the shutter of his film camera. 

Project Name: Igor Handmade Album Cover | | @choo.nad
Claire Giannini is an NYC-based creative with a B.A. in Business and Fine Arts. Growing up in a culturally rich environment, Claire cultivated an appreciation for diverse artistic expression from a young age. She spent many days exploring and drawing inspiration from the city, from its graffiti-covered streets to the walls of the Museum of Modern Art. She has studied various areas of art including drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, and graphic design. Claire prides herself on being a dual-brained thinker; a strong creative visionary with an ability to refine. 

Project Name: Boobie Milk Brand Identity and Packaging |
Barry Kaplan
After years of hearing friends sing the praises of Shillington, Barry took the plunge and enrolled. It was time to embark on a new path where his creativity could be nurtured and strengthened. And he is so glad that he did. While still a novice, he is confident that there is no better journey than the one he has currently embarked upon and is excited to move into the future armed with a new set of skills and a keener, more discerning eye. Barry resides in Los Angeles with his wonderful partner, Sarah, and their two sweet baby boys, Miles and Leo. 

Project Name: Tempo Magazine |
Erin Kravitz
Erin is a graphic designer, photographer, cryptic crossword solver, and parent based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has recently returned to her creative roots after spending a decade as a corporate attorney. Erin is obsessed with clarity and is drawn to graphic design for its ability to distill ideas and enhance communication. She is passionate about creating well-researched, practical, and tangible design, and especially loves working on branding, packaging and typesetting projects.

Project Name: Sone Quarterly Magazine |
Rainy Liu Yu is a graphic designer currently based in Shanghai, China. Having worked in management consulting, home and living, and online marketplace in a business capacity for more than 9 years, she pursued her passion and finally set her foot in design. With her unique background, her design work speaks for the minds of both designers and business executives. Outside of work, she is always on the lookout for next piece of one-of-a-kind furniture, sculpture, or painting.

Project Name: Human Behavior Wine Brand Identity | |
Erica Martin
Erica Martin began her creative career in New York City as a fashion designer after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology. After a decade in the industry and too many winters, it was time for the move to always sunny Los Angeles. A desire to expand her design capabilities brought her to Shillington. When she’s not fixating on color and type, you’ll find her at the beach or her local ceramics studio working on her passion project,
Playa Ceramics.

Project Name: Luna Wine Brand Identity |
Paley Martin
Paley Martin is a Georgia-bred, Los Angeles-based graphic designer by way of New York. A visual artist, writer, and former music industry professional, Paley values confident, bespoke designs and strong copywriting. With a degree in Culture and Media from The New School, Paley loves the human-centered aspect of design: gaining a deeper understanding of a brand or client’s identity and finding myriad ways to encapsulate it.

Project Name: AH-MEN Identity and Packaging | | @paleymartindesign
Ramsey Musk
Ramsey Musk is what some people may call an “artist,” who landed in Los Angeles by way of the beaches of Cape Cod. He has always thrived and lived for the unexpected and has been chasing his own brand of creativity for years, whether that be creating cocktails at restaurants and bars, photography or most recently (and seriously) graphic design. Ramsey has a distinct voice and point of view in design founded in minutia, history and human experience. The good thing is, if Ramsey never gets hired he can make himself a bangin’ martini to drown his sorrows, but that won’t happen.

Project Name: LA River Wine Co. Brand Identity | | @dadsdrinks
Bek Neill
Bek Neill is a Melbourne-based Senior Brand Compliance Manager within the Australian Pharmaceutical industry with strong foundations in product development, branding and packaging. With a love for typography, photography and Swiss-style, she is comfortable creating bold and confident designs, often drawing inspiration from architecture. In her downtime, Bek loves to spend time with her husband and two sons and is often seen with her head in the next good novel. 

Project Name: Who Is? Wine Brand Identity | | @bekneill
Tanna Solberg
Tanna Solberg is a West Coast-based designer with Midwest flair—in other words, you might hear an “Ope!” here and there. After years of working with creatives in marketing departments and creative studios, she’s finally beginning a design journey of her own. Tanna prides herself on the ability to approach each brief with fresh consideration and thoughtful application, and incorporate critical feedback like a champ. In this new-to-her, wild world of design, Tanna looks forward to continuing her growth as a creative and digging into every corner of what makes impactful work.

Project Name: Midsommar Handmade Film Poster | | @tannasolbie
Madison Sollars
Madison has had an affinity for creative expression her entire life, but she hadn’t ever allowed herself to turn that creativity into anything professional (hey Imposter Syndrome!). Out of school she went to work at a tech consulting firm, but that wasn’t scratching the creative itch. In her 25th trip around the sun she started to take her passion more seriously and felt magnetically pulled to graphic design. Now she’s eager to graduate and continue pushing herself creatively. There are fewer things more enjoyable to her than putting on a dope playlist and getting lost in design. 

Project Name: Disclosure Album Cover |
Ho Wing Wang
Ho Wing Wang is a graphic designer based in Beijing, China. She studied art history in Hong Kong and art administration in New York. Within her designs she values narrative, humanity and diversity. At the heart of what she does is a desire to create work that speaks effectively to the audience and conveys her original creative concepts. Her areas of expertise include web design, branding and packaging. 

Project Name: Embracer Mental Health App |
Shirley Xiao
Shirley Xiao is a self-taught UX designer based in San Francisco with a background in Psychology. She’s a curious, lifelong learner passionate about all things design, especially branding, packaging, typography, and illustration. Her design approach is minimal and deeply considered, as she loves to convert complex problems into effortlessly elegant solutions, always with the end-user in mind. She also speaks fluent Mandarin, above-survival Japanese, and elementary Spanish and looks forward to marrying her passion for language, culture, and design by helping small businesses from all walks of life craft beautiful and meaningful brand identities. 

Project Name: Human Behavior Wine Brand Identity | | @shhhiao