Check out the portfolios created by our New York full-time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!
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Born & Raised in Mumbai, India. She's an ambitious city girl striving to make it big every single day. Kind yet fearless & always seeking out on different opportunities that can help her grow professional and personally. She tends not to fall in love with her work, because she believes the minute people do so, they stop learning. And she never wants to stop learning.

Project Name: Plant Powered Wellness Expo Identity | | @sweetlysavage__
Anne MacLeod is a multi-faceted visual artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Drawing upon her experience in fashion and contemporary art, her work explores whimsy, color, and process.

Project Name: Saint Cloud Tour Branding | | @anniemac95
Ita is an adventurous spirit who hails from Manchester, England and loves nothing more than to create. Whilst she has dabbled in cliff diving, her real passion lies in design. She feels happiest when faced with a challenge to transform odds and ends into a masterpiece. Ita aims to create dynamic designs that matter.

Project Name: Snap Pea Milk Branding | |
Celina is a Latinx creative based between Boston + Houston with an educational background in fine arts and printmaking. Prior to Shillington, her work in the coworking and startup ecosystem inspired her to approach graphic design as vehicle to create unique experiences. As a designer, her work seeks to surprise and delight while remaining authentic to a sense of community and storytelling.

Project Name: Skip The Bleach Campaign  | | @manoprintstudio
Ashley Santiago is a latinx graphic designer born and based in NYC who has a passion for art direction, packaging, and digital design (UX/UI). From an educational background in psychology she decided to tune into her creativity and be a part of creating meaningful design. Her inspiration stems from her upbringing, traveling and pop culture. She’s looking forward to connecting and continuing her creative journey as a designer.

Project Name: Jaatelo Postcard Campaign | |
Always knowing design was her passion, Cloie wanted a way to dive deeper into the field. That is when she made the move to New York where she honed in on the design process and crafted her skill. Now she is even more inspired and ready to go out into the world of design and crush it!

Project Name: Girl Gang Campaign | | @cloienicoledesign
If being calm in the roughest times was a person, you'd probably be talking about Anthony, he is truly amazing.

Project Name: Jam Squared Packaging  | | @ant.crespo
Charlotte is a British marketer & designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Charlotte has always loved working with small businesses, helping them grow & reach their full potential. Now, after Shillington, she hopes to help them create compelling brand identities and communicate their best selves visually.

Project Name: Sea Monster Museum Branding | | @charlottehallawaysdesign
Sydney Lawson
Sydney Lawson is a Chicago-born, NYC-based artist, designer and die-hard francophile. She has worked as an in-house graphic designer in the States and as an English teacher in Lyon, France. She is a versatile, quick-thinking designer who loves exploring the world and solving problems. When she’s not designing, she’s hosting art and wine nights with friends, visiting art galleries, and watching Netflix if she’s being honest.

Project Name: BUBBA Album Cover | | @sydneylawsondesign
Helen is a graphic designer, illustrator, first generation American, and potter in her downtime. She was born and raised in New York City, and after studying Journalism in college, she decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her passion for the arts. She loves to create designs that sparks joy, whether that be digital or physical work.

Project Name: Cup Noodles Museum Branding | | @hj_rice
Isabella is a New York-based graphic designer and strong believer that Ringo is the best Beatle. After working as a roller skate tech for many years, Isabella wanted to do something more creative and move towards a career in graphic design. When she’s not sitting behind a computer screen she’s usually playing roller derby or biking around the city.

Project Name: The Cure For Modern Life Publishing  | | @isabellamelita
Izzy Thomas, originally from Indiana, is now a New York City based graphic designer. Her interests range from fashion, architecture, extreme sports, and all that lies between.

Project Name: The Cheeky Shop Flyer  |
Emma is from New York City and a graphic designer. After being a painter for years, she wanted to gain a greater understanding of design, so enrolled at the Shillington School.

Project Name: Potion #9 Packaging |
Haidee Zeledon
The New York Times rates Haidee Zeledon the most passionate and creative graphic designer in the market. TIME Magazine deems her Graphic Designer of the Year. She is Miami’s rising design star. Checkout her portfolio and see what all the rave is about.

Project Name: Telesto Museum Identity |
Zachary Olsson
Coming from a musical background of classical, rock and pop styles, Zack would sometimes design flyers for concerts, and events. Not long after discovering a passion and a desire to progress in this practice, he came across Shillington. While there, he has grown immensely as an artist, designer, and communicator and is grateful for the time spent at the school. He would like to thank the staff and students as well as his friends, family, and boyfriend for all the support during the course. He looks forward to his creative future in both the worlds of music and design.

Project Name: 100 Years of Solitude Book Cover | | @zjolsson
Simon Fréour
Simon grew up in a small coastal town in France and spent most of his adult life in Paris. He initially trained as a generalist engineer before working in tech startups as a UX designer, software engineer and CTO. He also created a clothing brand on the side. Creativity was always an important component of his work, and after years of tinkering with graphic design he decided to get proper training at Shillington. His analytical, no-nonsense approach to creative work and his soft spot for storytelling naturally pull him towards branding. On the side, he enjoys lino printing, surfing, kitesurfing, playing music and listening to lots of it. He is open to opportunities around the world, with a focus on New York City.

Project Name: RePressed Juice Packaging | | @by_nicelove
Rachel Cockrill is a graphic designer raised and based in Brooklyn, NY. She has a background in history / museum education and costumed interpretation, and is passionate about storytelling and painting with watercolors. Her decision to attend Shillington was motivated by her interest in integrating art and history, but throughout the course, her passion for design expanded cosmically and she is excited to pursue design in all forms.

Project Name: Mamma Guida Chocolate Identity | |
Jennifer is a graphic designer and photographer based in New York. She's drawn to all kinds of design and takes in the beauty around her. When she's not working on a design project she spends her time illustrating in Procreate, playing video games, and going on adventures. She's committed to learning and open to trying new mediums and activities she's less familiar with.

Project Name: Little Artisans Campaign | | @jenniferbhairo.designs
Latifa AlKhaled
Industrial Engineer by degree, amateur chef and graphic designer by... choice
Latifa holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Kuwait University. Her passion for functionality and design lead her to co-founding prnt., a multipurpose outlet for carefully curated & produced stationary and lifestyle products, then ultimately to become a designer. Not limiting herself to a specific field of expression, Latifa picks up inspiration from all that surrounds her. Drawing upon her interest in Arabic type and design, Latifa explores the evolution of Arabic integration in many of her stylistic processes.

Project Name: Fairouz Album Cover  | | @defnotchef
Louis Milne
Louis is a multidisciplinary creative from the UK. He has a degree in art history and a background in teaching. He has a passion for bold visuals and clean compositions. His interests are travel, art and film. When not designing, he enjoys pursuing his love for photography.

Project Name: Loire1555 Packaging | | @louismilne13
Pamela is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. She is fascinated with visual narratives and their role in today's society. Combining her photos and designs, she aspires to tell her own story, while collaborating with like-minded folk to tell theirs. Pamela is heavily influenced by live music, nature, social justice, her friends, fashion, and the desire to be vulnerable (not in that particular order).

Project Name: Tempo Magazine | | @pamelaayala
Marta Faria 
I am a hard-working and driven individual who likes a challenge. I'm curious to learn more and try different things. I would describe myself as an open and friendly person who likes to meet new people and visit new countries.

Project Name: Black Mambo Album Cover | | @martafariaaaa
Max is a creative young man with an entrepreneurial spirit from the small town of Hot Springs, South Dakota. He values his friendships, whether that means going on 40-mile long Backpacking trips, snowboarding, gaming or just chilling out. He always has a good attitude and keeps his spirits high. Max is always looking to better himself and strive for greatness, with high aspirations to achieve his goals.

Project Name: Gaming Science Center Identity | | @mmaxgabriel
Olivia Martiniello Lambert is a Boston raised, Brooklyn based graphic designer and illustrator. With a background in advertising account management, she's got a mind that loves dissecting a business problem and a designer's heart that loves conceptualizing the solution.

Project Name: Nova App  | | @olivmartini
Michelle is California raised, who just recently was living in Singapore. Now, however, after a crazy past two years she is here! She hopes you enjoy her work :)

Project Name: Wild Book Cover  | | @michellebromley
Molly is super excited to share her design work with y'all! She's a self-proclaimed math nerd and art appreciator with a passion for human-centered design. As a former software engineer and technical program manager, Molly has a knack for building digital products that center users. She loves bright colors, clear communication, and creating fun, inclusive experiences through graphic design.

Project Name: Flow Fest Flyer | | @mollymollymomolly
Natalia is a Colombian graphic designer based in New York. After a career in management consulting, she decided to ditch her suit for a hoodie and her PC for a Mac to pursue a more creative life. Natalia is passionate about all things design, but is mostly interested in opportunities in packaging and digital.

Project Name: Clean Slate Packaging | | @nataliamorenodesign
Shadan Al Hamdan
Shadan Al Hamdan is a Kuwaiti-based Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of prnt. — a multipurpose creative outlet based in Kuwait that designs and produces stationery & lifestyle products while collaborating within the community and showcasing regional talent in the process. After working alongside designers at prnt. for the past few years, she decided to move to New York to take on Graphic Design & dive deeper into the world of branding & packaging. Aside from her passion for design, Shadan enjoys street photography, creating playlists, dj-ing, and creating handcrafted terrazzo goods!

Project Name: Hakone Heritage Publishing | | @prnt___ |@mycitystreets_ 
Sophie Buskin
NY born and bred musician and illustrator turned graphic designer. Cats included.

Project Name: SQD INK Identity |
Erin Sharp is a professional multitasker, designer, artist, sculptor, fabricator, entrepreneur and is constantly hungry for developing new skills. A child of the internet, Sharp always had a deep fascination for media arts and wanted in. When they were 11 years old their Christmas wish was to get a copy of Adobe Photoshop, and the rest is history! On a normal day you might find Sharp juggling any number projects, wrestling their dog children, cooking or venturing out to enjoy nature. They like early mornings, coffee, cartoons and good company.

Project Name: The Met Pawla Flyer | |
Francesca Fagnani-Coor
Francesca is a Boston native with a passion for food, wellness, and all things outer space. She recently graduated from Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s in the Science in Society Interdisciplinary Program where she focused on chemistry and public health research. A summer internship as a junior content designer at a non-profit inspired her to expand her creative experience and enroll in the Shillington School of Design in 2021. Francesca hopes to combine her knowledge of public health with her passion for design in order to create beautiful and impactful work.

Project Name: Midnight Crunch Packaging  |
Sydney Perkins
Sydney is a designer and illustrator with one foot in California and one in New York. Her background in social services drives her concept-led process, and she is passionate about the ways in which design can make an impact. Sydney is an avid traveler, former van lifer and cat lover. Her free time is spent surfing, doodling on the subway, and perusing thrift shops for things she probably doesn’t need.

Project Name: Bluets Book Cover | | @sydperkins