Check out the portfolios created by our Melbourne part-time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!
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Cooper is a Melbourne-based graphic designer who was raised in the bush before relocating to the concrete jungle he now calls home. Growing up, Cooper had a strong passion for design and always dreamed of working in a graphic design role. Cooper considers himself incredibly lucky to take part in the Shillington course where he has had the opportunity to showcase his strong work ethic and develop the skills that give him the confidence to work in the design industry. Outside of designing, you can find Cooper mixing techno tracks, climbing rocks, or surfing down the coast with mates. 

Project Name: Dark Design Handmade | | @designsbycooper.pdf
Emmanuel Damianos is a graphic designer living in Melbourne. Emmanuel creates contemporary design
with bold visual concepts through typography, branding and digital.

Project Name: Back From The Grave—Zine  |  | @___chawanmushi
Penelope Amanatidis is a Melbourne-based, multidisciplinary designer, with foundations rooted in conceptual print and digital design.She has always been drawn to creative pursuits, studying acting at NIDA in highschool and studying photography at Universidad de Barcelona in the summer of 2019. 
Her daring and playful approach helps craft design solutions that are original and outside of the box,
but serve strong purpose. When she’s not challenging herself with design projects, she loves to embroider
and take photographs of her friends.  
f she’s not glued to design softwares, you’ll most likely find her at
abouldering gym with her friends.

Project Name: Feel The Vision Eurovision—Campaign | | @penedesigns
Donell Cook is a Melbourne-based designer who consistently brings a fresh and forward-thinking approach to all his projects. As someone who has always had a creative instinct and a natural flair for connecting with people, it was inevitable that he would find deep love and passion for graphic design and creative collaboration. When he’s not glued to his computer, you’ll most likely find him hanging out with friends, enjoying a live RnB gig or having a nice cup of coffee at his local. As he begins his journey in the creative industry professionally, he can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and the fellow creatives he will meet and collaborate with along the way.

Project Name: Alto Pop Magezine—A New Generation of Pop | | @donellcook
Karmen Lam is a Melbourne based designer and illustrator. 
As a child she loved books, but was quick to skim over the stories. Instead, her eyes were glued to the  bouncy typefaces and whimsical illustrations.  As a result, Karmen draws inspiration from her childhood and 90's cartoons to create welcoming, lively designs. With a background in accounting and economics, Karmen has developed a strong attention to detail, which she’d much rather use on Illustrator than Excel spreadsheets!

Project Name: BORDERLAB Corporate Branding Identity | | @karmenlam.designs
Rickie is a junior graphic designer based in Melbourne, Victoria who studied at Shillington Graphic Design College. He has a friendly, can-do attitude and is also a keen, fast learner. He also excels at meeting deadlines. Just starting out, he hopes to gain as much experience as he can within his field.

Project Name: A QUIET PLACE—Handmade  |  |
Steph Canna is a Melbourne-based, multidisciplinary designer with an impressive background in textiles design. With years under her belt in textile design, Steph brings a style that is versatile with a focus on an initiative and contemporary design. 
Her approach to graphic design is playful with an eye for detail. Steph is passionate about branding and visual concepts and is always looking to expand her creative practice. 

Project Name: Brain Freeze—Packaging | | @stephcanna.designs
Yazmin is a Melbourne based designer and visual artist with a passion for merging bespoke illustrations and sharp, punchy graphics.
Yazmin unknowingly discovered her love for design at age 8, spending hours creating questionable magazine covers on the only software she had access to - PowerPoint. Since then, she has continued to refine her skills, studying further in both the visual art and graphic design field.  After spending the last 6 years in project coordination for the emergency services, Yazmin is keen to use her passion for turning thoughts into tangible, practical and beautiful designs as she moves towards a career in graphic design.  

Project Name: Refrain—Magazine Cover | | @yazmincraig_
Sinead Easdon lives and breathes all things design. She launched her own business, Hello Magic Studio, while living the digital nomad life. She has since racked up three intense years in code, website development, and graphic design along the way. Sinead has a distinctly feminine style with a focus on branding for small, women-led businesses. When she can be dragged away from her Illustrator artboards, Sinead loves a sneaky glass of red with her girlfriends, and a forced snuggle sesh with her toy poodle, Ziggy.

Project Name: WANDERGEAR Website Utilities  | | @hellomagicstudio
With deep passions in design, fine art and film, Michael is eager to delve into a creative career change that
will allow him to better express himself. 
In 2017 he received a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Honours) and has since been working in the Surveying and Geospatial Science industry. He desires to instead use his eye for detail and problem-solving skills towards purely visual communication. Through the use of his lifelong visual art skills and new knowledge gained at Shillington Michael wants to create accessible information that people can relate to and enjoy.

Project Name: IL PADRINO—Handmade |
Sharon graduated from RMIT University in 2020, with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Advertising. In 2019, she was apart of the Publicis Creative Accelerator Programme and now works as the lead creative at Dutton Group. She’s spent the last year refining her craft and approaches every brief with a unique and creative angle, applied practically.  

Project Name: Kinda Fancy Wine—Packaging  | | 
Melissa is a Melbourne-based designer and Illustrator. 
This will be the third design discipline she has studied in her pursuit to learn anything creative.  Of course, she loves all design whether it’s reading, seeing or creating it - shout out to all the knitters out there!—but more importantly, she enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family and friends and debating whether to binge a show or read a book.

Project Name: NOME—Website Utilities | | @melissa___mcauliffe
Kolta Nawar brings his urban And cosmopolitan finesse along with his coastal roots to his graphic design. Kolta has more than a decade’s experience in rehabilitating underperforming businesses and he brings his passion for renewal to his clients. He understands the importance of brand differentiation and clear signaling to customers and constituents. He is able to comprehend the position and needs of your business and will work with your brand to exceed your goals. Kolta brings humour and style to his work which is sometimes playful, sometimes bold, always compelling. 

Project Name: Musicology—Magazine | 
Mirdith was born in Rotterdam and made the move 4 years ago to Melbourne. She always worked in fine dining restaurants which gave her the skill of understanding others and anticipating this. Working together with clients as a team is her approach that results in authentic work & concepts. Minimalistic concepts but with some bold or colourful details are her signature. 
As a fearless newbie in the industry, she believes rules can be broken  'It's 2021, we can do whatever we want!'.

Project Name: BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB—Handmade |
Benedetta Martini is a designer and photographer based in Melbourne. Originally from Italy, she made the move to London where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and worked in the arts and cultural industries until her more recent move to Australia. She is eager to continue to refine her graphic design skills and take on exciting new projects.

Project Name: YOUNG HARPER—Branding | @_benedettamartini