Check out the portfolios created by our Manchester full-time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!
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Jag is a designer born and based in Leeds. Before coming to Shillington, he studied engineering at university but soon decided to change direction and pursue his creative passion for graphic design.
His designs are inspired by clean and contemporary trends, along with music, film and art. He relishes a challenge and can't wait to fully jump into the world of design to see where his new career direction takes him.
Project Name: Huami Chocolate Packaging | | @jagbdesign
Laura is a northern graphic designer and creative. Curious and empathetic, she is excited by the challenge of understanding the needs of clients, and bringing their ideas to life through colourful, timeless designs. Laura graduated in Business from Edinburgh University and worked in marketing in the charity sector. Responsible for content creation, she found herself on creative calls with designers thinking, "I’d much prefer your job", and so took the deep dive into graphic design at Shillington. From ideating concepts to finessing finished designs, Laura is passionate about the design process, and looks forward to further developing her skills.
Project Name: Make a Spectacle Campaign | | @badleydesigned
Kyle is a graphic designer from the North East. Originally working in hospitality he changed direction to focus on a career full of creativity. Drawing inspiration from nature and history he likes to inject this into his design.
Kyle has a passion for branding and crafting a visual identity that people can connect with. Creating these brands that people can associate with drives his passion for design further. Enjoying the challenges of working to different deadlines, Kyle enjoys getting thrown in to briefs of all kinds.
Project Name: The Nine Identity | |
Albert is a designer born in the Midlands, educated in the North and now based in London. With a background in Account Management, he has a particular interest in combining strategy with thoughtful and aesthetic approaches to branding and digital design. When not designing, Albert can be found over seasoning something in the kitchen or winning arial battles in the middle of a south west football pitch.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Resonate Identity | | @albertdaviscreative
Chris is a 28 year old former English teacher from Inverness. He spent a number of years teaching English in Vietnam was well as instructing snowboarding in Japan before moving back to the UK in late 2019. He initially made the switch from teaching to designing as he enjoyed and excelled at creating teaching resources and wanted more opportunity to be creative in his career. Although he is still interested in working in education, the Shillington course has opened his eyes to the wider application of graphic design both professionally and in general. In his free time Chris enjoys playing football and board games as well as going to the gym.
Project Name: Diamond Magazine | | @serifsup
Laura is a graphic designer based in Manchester. After a short career in finance, studying graphic design has brought colour back into her life. Laura relishes a challenge and loves seeing a concept coming to life. She is excited to explore her new found skills further and to dive deeper into the world of graphic design.
Project Name: Tampu Jerky Packaging | | @laurafayedwards_design
Adam is a conscientious designer who likes to incorporate illustrations into his designs where possible. Based in Manchester he is most passionate about artworking, packaging, editorial design and branding.
Project Name: Divines Crisps Packaging |
Mike hyslop
Mike Hyslop is a graphic designer, punk, and food enthusiast from Manchester, UK, specialising in digital design and incorporating off-screen approaches into digital design.
Project Name: Cluster Identity | | @mikehyslopdesign
Marinela Lleshi is an Albanian junior graphic designer currently living in Milan.
 She has a particular interest in packaging, branding and editorial design. 
Through design she aims to translate complex ideas in a simple and clear way.
Project Name: Louden Your Senses Campaign | | @marinelalleshi_design
Before going to Shillington, Liana already was a graphic designer. Even though she had a design degree, she felt like she was lacking skills and confidence. So she decided to get back to learning and enrolled in Shillington. Three months later she gained the confidence and skills she was hoping for, and her love for graphic design grew even bigger. She enjoys creating exciting concepts that fits the brief and client. Designing takes her to her happy place, and she translates this to her creations..
Project Name: Holding the Man Handmade Poster | | @lianamullerdesigns
Will Noble is a Manchester based designer, maker and photo taker. He studied architecture and prior to Shillington, worked as an architectural assistant in Sicily.
He draws inspiration from his experiences in the creative industries and enjoys every stage of the design process, from ideation to realisation. His design style is clean, contemporary and structured and he always aims to create meaningful and impactful solutions.
Will’s excited to further develop his skills and begin his next chapter as a graphic designer.
Project Name: Wach Identity | | @willnobledesign
Emily Shine is a graphic designer and illustrator from Bath. Before Shillington she studied English and French at University before realising that design was really where her heart lay. A big lover of the sea, she is happiest on a beach or tucked away in a local coffee shop somewhere.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Sign Up to Sign Campaign | | @emilyshinedesign
Kennedy Thurman is a Portland Oregon based graphic designer with an eye on the globe. She tackles designs like she does travel- immersive, thorough, and explorative. After years of being a barista she traded the latte art for digital and now can be found staring at typefaces for hours on end (willingly).
Her enthusiasm to create something bespoke drives each design that becomes carefully tailored to the client and project down to the pixel. She is excited to utilize the array of skills gathered at Shillington and apply them to her prominent interests in UX / UI web design and branding.
Project Name: Lace Up Campaign | |
Hi my name is Dien, based in Amsterdam and like to make the world a bit more beautiful. I love to bring ideas and concepts to life visually and at the same time respond to the wishes and needs of the customer.
In my private life, I roam every market in Amsterdam, discover the newest restaurants and spend hours in the kitchen. I love being the hostess and inviting friends over for dinner. Besides the food, I make sure it's visually okay too ;)
Project Name: Plant Power Brochure | | @nadinevanwalsum
Layla is an Irish graphic designer with an explorative spirit. She has always had a passion for developing creative concepts and turning them into reality. She always knew she had wanted to work within a creative career and after discovering graphic design there was no turning back. Her Bachelors in Film and TV studies, photographic studies and background in art allow her to inject a multitude of inspirations into her work. She is excited to work, learn and grow in the world of design.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Bavaria in the Gardens Flyer | | @laylakaycreative