Check out the portfolios created by our London full-time students. Through dedication and resilience, they've each created an amazing portfolio and we could not be more proud of every one of them!
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I like to explore new ideas, try and do different things and meet new people. I just simply hate things that are repetitive, and I love how design makes me feel. I've been interested in art and graphics, including doing graphic designs, traditional arts and photography since I was little and I still fall more in love with it everyday.
Project Name: Royal Nuts Packaging | | @designsbyrad
"Dreams become true when you don’t sleep"
Project Name: Pause Mindfulness App | | @icygraphx
New to the design industry, but not new to the passion for creativity or individualistic ideas. I decided to make the jump from the British Army, to the Oil & Gas industry, to Design, due to my eye for unique concepts that can capture and hook you in an instant. I’ve always been one to doodle and recognise the value of a “brand” through film, music, and my surroundings while living in the artistic zone of East London – but once the lockdown inspired me to create my own Hot Sauce brand, “Hottori Hanzo”- marketing, designing, and selling it myself - I was hooked into the realm of design and everything the creative industry has to offer. Shillington was the clear next step which has distinctly broadened my horizons and allowed me to find my voice, and I can’t wait to see where my passion brings me next.
Project Name: Bowery Boys Branding | | @trenchcoat_design
English/Italian designer based in London.
Project Name: Museo Del Oro Branding | |
Ellie has always been intrigued by the ways in which people connect and react to the visual world around them. After graduating with a Distinction from KLC School of Interior Design, Ellie worked in the interiors industry for three years, exploring her trademark use of bold colour and texture. During her time at Shillington, Ellie has since explored and refined her technical and creative skills and is now eagerly looking for the next challenge, moving into creative and conscious design which tells stories, builds connections, and sparks conversation.
Project Name: Elements Magazine | | @catordesigns
Olivia – but everyone calls her Oly – is a bold and eccentric London based designer. She loves colour and her vibrant and playful designs are as quirky as she is. Her approach is sweet with a dash of spice. Oly is an adventurous type and loves mountain climbing, yoga and scouting out a good pub. In her free time. Oh Oly, what are you like!?
Project Name: Co Lab Coffee Branding | | @oh__oly
London based graphic designer, going to Manchester School of Art for September 2022. Looking for experience in the industry.
Project Name: Rewilding the Cities Film Festival Brochure | | @kraun.w
Georgie is a London based graphic designer and illustrator. Using the skills and knowledge she gained at Shillington she loves adding a touch of humour and fun to her designs. She hopes to enter the world of graphic design with particular interest to branding, as well as eventually become proficient in motion design and follow her passion for this at large scale events.
Project Name: Glitterbox Handmade Album Cover |
ilva lina kanepe
Ilva is a rare species. She's an extroverted Latvian once she gets over her shyness, initially. She has been dancing her whole life, which has taught her many things that she's implemented into every aspect of her life. "It's not about the possibility of falling. It's about how you catch yourself if it happens and make it look like it was part of the performance. As well as self-discipline, pushing yourself constantly, and understanding the work that has to be put in before you can see the results." For Ilva, design is about making people feel specific ways when they experience the works.
Project Name: Wistiq Cosmetics Packaging | | @ilva_designs
Vicky is a London based graphic designer and illustrator.
Project Name: Keepcup Campaign | 
Beatriz Mancilla is a multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer that defines life as constant learning and sees each new challenge to overcome as a wide opportunity to explore and innovate. She's extremely passionate about her profession; help businesses to succeed by creating meaningful design solutions and experiences for brands.She sees herself as an integral artist who lives from the small details; transmit ideas, feelings and emotions.
Project Name: TOTM Campaign | | @akatriche
Anna is a graphic designer based in London. After graduating from her master’s in English Literature (1700-1830), she came to Shillington to kick-start a career in design.
Project Name: Pumpkin Crisps Packaging | | @annamarardesign
Tony Mason has more than twenty years if experience in Sales & Marketing and is now an accomplished Graphic Designer, having graduated in 2021 at Shillington London he specialises in Branding and Marketing in both digital and print. He is truly passionate about all things design with a super keen eye for detail, having attended Art College years ago and has now rediscovered his creativity—there is no stopping him now!
Project Name: Rolling Stock Brewery Packaging | | @tigerzapp_design
Rei is a 21 year old Japanese/Romanian aspiring graphic designer from Tokyo. She is passionate about the arts and creative fields, and is excited to start her career in design. Growing up in a multicultural household and going to international school, Rei is an open minded and internationally minded person who wants to use her power as a designer to make unique and innovating designs while also spreading awareness about important issues and making a difference.
Project Name: Indigo Cinema Branding | 
Celestine is a London-based graphic designer with a passion for brand identity and sustainable design. Her approach is considered, curious and collaborative, taking inspiration from everywhere and everything. Her unique colour combinations, playful concepts and ability to notice what often goes unnoticed, gives her designs a distinct edge.
Asides from pixel pushing, Celestine is a keen yogi and runner, with a love for travel, nature and a good old boogie!
Project Name: Natural History Museum of FInland Branding |
Cain McCallam is a West London based Artist and Graphic Designer, with strong interests in nature, Blockchain technology and finding a balance between the two through digital design. His last job role was a Content Creator at an advertising/creative studio called Something Inc. He then moved on to co-founding a tech start-up before moving on to trying his hand as a freelance designer. In realising design was his calling, he attended Shillington to learn design fundamentals with the intention of formally beginning his career as a designer.
Project Name: Farmhouse Recycling Website |
Born and raised in Sag Harbor, NY, Lilly-Anne received her bachelor's degree in music with a minor in art history and French. She fell in love with design while taking a course on the history of modern design and has been fascinated with the field ever since. Lilly has spent the last 10 years as a professional musician, teacher & freelance administrator. In addition to her passion for design, she is an avid singer, printmaker, traveler and food-lover. She is excited to explore the many ways in which design will overlap with these passions.
Project Name: Siduri Brew Co. Packaging | | @lillyanne.designs
Bristol based graphic designer. After spending her twenties teaching Art and Design in Hackney, East London, Imogen is excited to be doing what she has been telling young people to do all this time—work in the creative industries! She can't wait to get started.
Project Name: Four Walls Museum Branding |
Emma discovered her interest in graphic design through a series of whimsical illustrations she affectionately called the Squiggle Squad. With a background in positive psychology, she brings her understanding of the human condition to create empathetic designs. Emma has a creative background and has worked as a writer, calligraphy artist, and professional coach. When not designing, you can find Emma experimenting with new holistic modalities or enlisting friends in her search to find the city’s best hot chocolate.
Project Name: Pleasure: An Interactive Exhibition Branding | |
My name is George, nice to meet you.
I have a background in E-Commerce Website Management and now I'm excited to say I'm a Graphic Designer.
I love solving problems through good visual communication. Working collaboratively is important to me. Maximising a free-flow of ideas between the client and myself with the aim of coming up with something original and purposeful is the best way to get the job done.
Project Name: Sönn Saga Museum Branding |
Lucy came into graphic design from a background in arts however, having studied history of art and psychology, she was drawn to creating worlds and systems where visual identities and storytelling can thrive. She loves to incorporate handmade techniques into her work and enjoys the interface between the digital and the handcrafted.​​​​​​​
Project Name: Mend with Liberty Campaign |
Lizzie is a London-based designer & illustrator who enjoys creating playful and bold designs with personality.
With a varied background in bioscience, diving and marketing, she's had a lifelong love for art & design that remains ever-strong. She looks forward to embracing the wild and unpredictable world of the creative industry!
Project Name: Cup Noodles Museum Branding | |
Samantha robinson
Samantha is a London based creative, specialising in graphic design and illustration. Her work stems from her interest in exploring the relationship between fine art and digital design. By seamlessly intertwining these two skilled crafts, along with an eclectic approach, Samantha produces a unique body of inspired work.
Project Name: Make Sleep Better Campaign | | @iamsamantharobinson
Ariana Santos is a graphic designer, based in London, UK. She has 5+ years in the POS and packaging design industry. She has a wide creative background, inspired by Swiss design while living in Geneva for over 15 years. She attained a degree in Communication and Audiovisual Design in 2013 at the School of Applied Arts in Portugal. She then moved to London to pursue a career in graphic design.
Project Name: Carbon Down Campaign | | @arianas_design
While taking a break from the fashion design world, Lina started gravitating into the realm of graphic design. Inspired by different cultures and how design can be common medium to communicate within & between each-other, she decided to take the next step of her journey. After her short, tough, but life changing journey in Shillington, she is now ready to explore the world as a graphic designer.
Project Name: Sawa Sawa Campaign |
Hi, I am Beth, a graphic designer who is based in London. I enjoy working with others and finding new and unexpected ways to solve problems. Although I am passionate about all areas of graphic design, I especially love communicating through branding and creating a brand identity.
Project Name: Woman On Campaign | |
Her London journey started nine years ago when she arrived in the country. Although life has taken her on a different path, she always had a passion for art, particularly graphic design. She had completed an online Graphic design course and got the opportunity to work as a part-time intern at a publishing company. Unfortunately, it was just for three months. Moreover, she wanted to reach her full potential, therefore; she enrolled in the Shillington. Maria is ready to open a new chapter of her life and become part of the creative world.
Project Name: Zing Packaging | 
Tom is a designer and illustrator based in London. His creative journey took him from rural Hertfordshire to London's Chelsea Arts Club before moving to Amsterdam to work in advertising. His interests include drawing, music, photography and sport. Music plays a huge part in Tom's creative process, often collaborating with musicians, events and venues to create unique projects. His conceptual work draws upon surrealism, politics, science fiction and nature.
Project Name: Nass Festival Branding | | @t.a.d.smith
This is Thea, a 20 years old from Argentina currently in London. With a strong passion for graphic design, travelling, artfully crafted meals, unique architecture and aesthetic coffee shops. She is just lunching her design career at Shillington and cannot wait to continue to learn and grow as a designer.
Project Name: Yoto Skincare Branding |
Sara Soares is a self-made and passionate Brazilian entrepreneur based in Dubai. She has brought her entrepreneurial talent and graphic design skills together to advise international companies on branding, logo design and marketing campaigns. She works and coaches her team to develop and design out of the box and transformational solutions with a people-first mindset, which always gives her the edge. She has advised major conglomerates on their social media platforms and the design of their online presence. Her clean and clear approach distinguishes her from other design consultants and is her unique signature.
Project Name: Stellar Astronomy App |
Hugo is a Kent based graphic designer with a keen eye for detail and passion for visual storytelling. He takes a lot of inspiration from the Swiss Style, and has strong interests in branding, editorial and typography. He can’t wait to get stuck in to the world of design.
Project Name: Soundclash Campaign | | @hugo.sdesign
Juliana is a London based graphic designer and illustrator. She specialises in unique design for both Print and Digital outputs. Talented in 360 branding, she designs logos, Social Media Identity, presentations and website aesthetics, using drawing as her springboard. Her exceptional skill is creating bespoke hand-drawn stationery such as invitations, party print designs and note cards. Inspired by travel and nature, she is creative and meticulous in her detail to patterns, shapes and colour.
Project Name: Mirolae Underwater Museum Branding | | @juliiana.designs
Guy Train is a designer based in London. He studied Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School, achieving a first.
Inspiration can come from a mighty mountain in Scotland or a chewed-up piece of gum. His work is often driven by instinct, he finds this can create beautiful mistakes which in turn, can give a design its identity.
His professional ambition is to join a Design studio and continue creating eye catching and thought-provoking imagery.

Project Name: Sea Monster Museum Branding | | @guytrain_design
Emily is a graphic designer based in London. She graduated from the University of Bristol in 2021 with an International Business Management BSc. She enjoys drawing inspiration from obscure references and pushing the boundaries on projects (where appropriate). Her portfolio is a reflection of this, with her projects showcasing a variety of styles for different target audiences.
Shillington has officially transformed her into that annoying friend who is always pointing to shop windows saying "wow, look at that beautiful typeface!"
Project Name: Stab Mag: The Running Edition | | @emilytreloar.designs
Jeffrey is a designer based in London. He plans to attend the University of California Davis in Autumn 2022 studying Sociology. He finished school completing his International Baccalaureate diploma prior to joining Shillington. Jeffrey’s passion for design was born out of his obsession with graffiti and street art. His other interests include skateboarding, music and exploring London’s underground scene.

Project Name: Breze Pretzels Packaging | 
Helena is a Danish graphic designer from Copenhagen, living in London. She believes that we all have few defining moments in life which forever changes us. For Helena, one of these was opening up to the world of graphic design at Shillington.
With a BA in Information Management from Copenhagen Business School, and several years of work experience within marketing and events, she is now happy to call herself a graphic designer.
With the motto “Dare to be different”, Helena’s designs are sleek Scandinavian with a twist. Her strength is her ability to work in unison with companies, translating ideas into creative and successful design solutions. Helena has a unique, intuitive and enthusiastic way of communicating designs which results in captive and effective solutions.
Project Name: Hakone Museum Branding | |
Mary is a London-based designer with a unique blend of left and right brain thinking. Bringing together her creativity and analytical skillset, she uses a human centric approach to create thoughtful designs that meet the need of her audience. Mary has always had a passion for art and design and is excited to jump into the design world after Shillington.
Prior to Shillington, Mary worked in professional services including brand & corporate strategy, innovation consulting as well as accounting. She worked with clients across private, public and non-profit sectors. Mary has also taken an intensive course in UX/I design.
Project Name: Mütter Museum Branding | | @marywongdesigns
Recently back in London, the timing was perfect to change direction towards something I’ve always wanted to do. From an arts and marketing background, the opportunity to dive into design has allowed me to push my enjoyment of anything creative and visual - and learn how to translate it into a digital world.
I enjoy the challenge of new experiences, and not always knowing what lies ahead. Along with being a part of something bigger than the individual. So anything amongst peers, or in a team environment is what gets me out of bed in the morning!
Project Name: Unfold Cinema Branding |